Friday, February 20, 2009


Joe took me out to Palisade for a late Valentine's Day celebration. We had a white chocolate torte for desert - very delicious! With some tart raspberry sauce on the side :) My favorite!

SnowLine Vacation

Wake and Bakery
Joe and I
Our Cabin
Ellen and I in Bellingham
Playing Pool with Matt and Jenn
Up at Mt Baker, tailgating after a long day on the slopes.

We did make it to Baker! ... and we made it back as well. So now back at the grindstone...
I managed to get up to the mountain one day despite being sick, the snow was okay and we had a lot of fun! (Jenn and I anyway). Blue skies for the first half the day, then it started snowing. So there was a fresh skiff of powder on the ground. Other than that we played some pool and went hot-tubbing back at the cabin. Multiple games of Uno as well. One of the days, we went in to Bellingham and did some "sight-seeing" of sorts. On the way home, a quick trip to the "Wake and Bakery" for some scones and coffee. All in all, a pretty fun trip. Nice to get away for a while.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mt Baker or Bust

3 hours left and we are off to Glacier, WA and Mount Baker. No cell service, no internet! It will be a blast, sniffles or not :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well, I was hoping to have some adventures this week... but I got sick instead. In hopes of being better by Friday, I've been taking a cocktail of vitamins, vitamin C, echinatia, XClear, apple cider vinegar, tons of water and lots of sleep.

We leave Friday for Mt. Baker. Word is there is lots of new snow, so hopefully the riding will be awesome :)