Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Flowers

Simple flowers in simple vases. I love flower displays like this, so easy for us florally challenged folks. Most of the bottles I found in the recycling bin, then just add a few simple flowers, nothing fancy or expensive!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Trader Joe's is opening its new store in Spokane today! Yay!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Went to a new coffee shop with Joe today on our way back from REI. It's close to the Spokane Courthouse. Neat little place, we both got a London Fog but next time we stop by I'll try one of their lattes. It's attached to a bookstore and appears to have wi-fi also. Looks like a nice place to study, wasn't overrun with screaming kiddos. Closes at six on weekdays and at five on the weekend. Still haven't found a late night coffee spot here in town yet.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Manito Park

Tiff and I went for a walk up at Manito Park and Manito Boulevard yesterday. The leaves are starting to change around here. It would be fun to go back in a week or two when the fall color is in full swing!
***Old cobblestone streets and giant trees***

*** Funny signs ***

*** Sun starting to set behind the trees***

*** ...and of coarse the random kitty picture ;) ***

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free Fall Decorations - Pine Cone Garland

On my walk yesterday, I gathered a bunch of pine cones to make a pine cone garland. I like bringing the outside in, so it feels like fall even when its too dark or too cold to be outside. Which for me is almost every day I work. It's dark when I leave in the morning, and dark when I get home in the evening.

Here is my original inspiration picture from Twig & Thistle. She used what I call "question mark hooks" to hang the pine cones but I only had one of those on hand, obviously not enough. I ended up using pushpins instead and then punched a whole smaller than the top in my ribbon so that it would stay in place.
Pinned Image

With the way I hung them it kind of looks like the pine cones are floating from far away. But I'm ok with that.

One of these days, I'll develop the patience to wait and take pictures when it's lighter inside :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fun Projects

Today has been kind of a "work" day. Finally picked up the wallpaper pieces all over the kitchen and the ones that gotten tracked around the rest of the house. Joe finished installing all the new kitchen hardware. Went through the mall, took out the trash. You know, the usual. Cleaned up the living room and dining room. There is more to go but I decided to take a little break. I painted my nails (I found the best orangey-red color today), finished up this banner I started last week and tried out this T-to-Tank Tutorial I found on Pinterest recently. Oh, I also got myself a copy of Grace Bonney's new book Design*Sponge at Home with one of my birthday gift cards! Thanks Sonyong!

I think this bunting would be perfect for a little boy's room.

This is a t-shirt I've had for years. It didn't really fit that well anymore but I've been feeling too nostalgic to get rid of it. It was the first "cool" shirt I ever bought (it's vintage now). Anyways, I followed this tutorial from CrafterHours blog. I like how it turned out, it actually made the shirt a little longer than it was before. The only thing it did different was I only cut one strip off the bottom, right above the seam and used that for the drawstring. The weather is all cold now, but its been sitting on a shelf for so long that a few more months isn't going to make a difference.

Well, off to go on a walk and then more cleaning!

Birthday Present from Mr. Kitty

So Mr. Kitty is now bringing his "presents" for us inside. He brought us this dragonfly the other day. Thankfully, this present wasn't alive. I was really surprised how intact it was. The dragonfly was kind of cool but I'm dreading the day he brings something furry inside. I remember oh-so-clearly the day I learned that cats like to show off by bringing in their presents. I had spent the night at my grandma's and was going out to pick up the paper. I slipped my foot into her slipper and screamed bloody murder as my foot touched something cold and furry. Boots had left a mouse in her slipper... I was not pleased. But I'm sure he was.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Steam Plant Grill

friend Amy took me to the Steam Plant Grill for lunch today. It was really fun! The inside of the building is really interesting so I busted out my new camera!

... and a picture of desert!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Embrace Autumn

Well, it's back to work for five days tomorrow. So today I decided to enjoy fall by making some pumpkin pie. It makes the house smell so delicious! Now, I need to find someone to help me eat the rest...  Also hit up yoga class today, had dinner with Sarah and Nathan and cleaned up part of the house :)
*Two regular size pumpkin pies, plus a mini pie*
Also, doodled some pumpkins and a squirrel on the to-do list window today. On that note, anyone have suggestions for photographing glass without getting all the glare and reflections? 
Happy fall everyone!

Picture Frame Makeover

I found this picture frame awhile back and could see a some potential in the detailing on the edges. Obviously, it needed a makeover. I decided it would be perfect for a friend of mine expecting a little girl.

I painted it with "Ballet Pink" acrylic paint and the frilly part with "Bleached Sand" acrylic paint. Removed the weird picture and strange mat. Instead I covered the backing with some pink polka dot fabric. I added a footprint picture and the name they had picked out to personalize it a little. My friend loved it! ...even though I spelled the name wrong. (I've always been terrible at spelling, really should use spell check more often.)

A close up of the details. 

Monday, October 03, 2011

More Greenbluff Photos

*Sheep at Hidden Acres*

*Log cabin & Tepee at Hidden Acres*
                                       *Pumpkins*                                                                              *Inside the Tepee*

*Old wagon with Scarecrow Couple*

Sunday, October 02, 2011


I love going to Greenbluff! It's one of my favorite things to do in Spokane, especially in the fall. Joe and I went up there this afternoon. Enjoyed some pumpkin doughnuts from Harvest House and then we picked out a pumpkin over at Siemer's. Mister Pumpkin Head is pretty round with a nice sized scar on the side of his face. Lol. The merits of pumpkin picking. Who knows, I might end up carving him an actual face, but we will definitely be roasting the pumpkin seeds! Yumm! Had some fun messing with my pictures with Picnic (free online photo editing website). I'm putting off cleaning my house... and exciting news for me, I'm getting a new camera soon! Yay!

Mister Pumpkin Head protecting the house. Mal's been letting down his guard recently, too distracted with bugs, birds and naps, as rumor has it.