Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Manito Park

Tiff and I went for a walk up at Manito Park and Manito Boulevard yesterday. The leaves are starting to change around here. It would be fun to go back in a week or two when the fall color is in full swing!
***Old cobblestone streets and giant trees***

*** Funny signs ***

*** Sun starting to set behind the trees***

*** ...and of coarse the random kitty picture ;) ***


  1. Sounds like a nice walk! :) and Beautiful pics.. i can tell you are using your new camera!

  2. Great photos. It will be so lovely when all those trees change colors. The south hill was Jim's and my favorite place to walk in the fall. Maybe we can find a time to do it this year! I love the duck crossing sign. :)

  3. So jealous...I LOVE Manito Park!


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