Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bare Feet

Shoes on or off? For the sake of not sweeping the floor every other day, we keep a general policy of no shoes in the house. Of coarse, this is not a "letter of the law" type of rule but more of a general guideline. Several months ago, Joe asked me to make a sign reminding people to take their shoes off and I finally got around to it this morning.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Flowers

My mom came over today and helped me weed out my front garden bed, she really seems to enjoy it! (Thanks mom!) So far, we (i.e. mostly mom) tackled the front, sides of the walkway, and "rose hedge" on the side and started in on the bed in front of the house. We have an incredible amount of flower beds in our yard, some of which I plan to fill in with grass. While I am an aspiring gardener, I'm not up for that huge an undertaking, plus I'm hoping to plant a veggie/herb garden in the back somewhere. Debbie came over today and helped decipher some of the plants and gave a ton of helpful tips on pruning roses, bushes, kiling noxious weeds and other helpful ideas! I was pumped to find out I have two hydrangea bushes, and what looks like a magnolia tree! Also looks like I have some lilies, peonies, climbing rose and possibly a yuka! Time will tell... more pictures later when stuff starts to bloom!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh how I miss you...

There is nothing quite the same as a Deluxe hamburger from Dick's Drive In in Seattle. Unfortunately, the one in Spokane is not the same. Besides being delicious, they are also pretty cheap! I miss those late nite trips, or Joe bringing a bagful over to the VA to share, or for a quick lunch. Ahhh, that artery clogging goodness!

Also some pictures from Theo Chocolate Factory in Seattle, Jenn and I went to go for a tour but just ended up tasting the free chocolate samples! Who wouldn't love that?

A funny letter some kid wrote after going on a field trip there...

Spring Flowers

One of the previous owners of our house was an avid gardener and its been really fun seeing all the different things pop up this spring. Alot of the plants just have small new buds or new growth, and a few look dead, but some already have little flowers! A few pictures...

Anyone know what this is called?

The newest member of the family, he fits in well, likes to sleep alot :)

Crocus I believe, correct me if I'm wrong.

This last one is possibly my favorite, its has the most interesting markings, but I have no idea what it is...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Back to Work

Well, I'm off to work again tonight... 2 nights off is never long enough. However, yesterday, I was able to go visit my friend Hanni and her new baby on her farm - which was awesome! Her baby is super cute and all her animals are really fun to see. I even held a real pitchfork yesterday!! She gave me some eggs from her chickens, and she thinks one is a duck egg! I haven't fried it up yet though... maybe tomorrow morning for breakfast.

These are all of them, it's so cool, they're all different colors. The one far back on the right is the one that might be a duck egg and next to it is a jumbo egg.

For a better perspective, the jumbo egg... its so HUGE!

In other news, some of the crafty projects I finished today!

The newest addition to the bathroom.

And a paper lantern I made today with one of those fake tealights. If I like it, I might make a few more!!

Happy sleeping everyone!

Thursday, March 04, 2010


Anyone know much about flower arrangements - real or fake? I got these at Michael's but they look funny. I don't know if I should put them in a bigger container or not. Any ideas, suggestions??

One of Joe's old notebooks I'm putting to new use - I always run across cool ideas, paint colors, DIY projects, etc and then forget, so now I'll just cut them out and stick 'em in here...

Tuesday we had a girl's lunch at Twigs with my grandma. Our family seems to have a problem with blinking pictures, so these were the best two of the bunch :)

Oh, and I had a few takers at the bird feeder today, they were way to skittish, so no pictures.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Free Time

It's amazing how the work week goes by so slowly, yet a week of free time just zips by! Today is my last night off... but I've actually accomplished a decent amount on my to do list this week. Yesterday I got new tabs at the DMV (finally), went to Northwest Christian Thrift store with Anne-Marie, which is my new favorite! Last night, I started working on a new project, as soon as it finishes raining, I'll get to work on spray-painting it! Also, Jesse and Lilian came over for lunch on Monday, their kiddo is super cute, he's starting to drop everything! Went to our very little home meeting on Monday and get to finally go to the Guest's house again tonight!
So without much further ado, I ought to get to work on the rest of it!