Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Flowers

My mom came over today and helped me weed out my front garden bed, she really seems to enjoy it! (Thanks mom!) So far, we (i.e. mostly mom) tackled the front, sides of the walkway, and "rose hedge" on the side and started in on the bed in front of the house. We have an incredible amount of flower beds in our yard, some of which I plan to fill in with grass. While I am an aspiring gardener, I'm not up for that huge an undertaking, plus I'm hoping to plant a veggie/herb garden in the back somewhere. Debbie came over today and helped decipher some of the plants and gave a ton of helpful tips on pruning roses, bushes, kiling noxious weeds and other helpful ideas! I was pumped to find out I have two hydrangea bushes, and what looks like a magnolia tree! Also looks like I have some lilies, peonies, climbing rose and possibly a yuka! Time will tell... more pictures later when stuff starts to bloom!


  1. Renae! Peonies are my most favorite flower in the whole entire world! And I also love hydrangeas. Yay for springtime and flowers :)

  2. You will have an awesome garden! Remember as you make changes, probobly thousands of dollars of plants are there. ENJOY!


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