Thursday, March 04, 2010


Anyone know much about flower arrangements - real or fake? I got these at Michael's but they look funny. I don't know if I should put them in a bigger container or not. Any ideas, suggestions??

One of Joe's old notebooks I'm putting to new use - I always run across cool ideas, paint colors, DIY projects, etc and then forget, so now I'll just cut them out and stick 'em in here...

Tuesday we had a girl's lunch at Twigs with my grandma. Our family seems to have a problem with blinking pictures, so these were the best two of the bunch :)

Oh, and I had a few takers at the bird feeder today, they were way to skittish, so no pictures.


  1. Awesome photos of your family. I really like the book you made! And I actually think your arrangement looks good. The size of the pot is okay, but I am thinking that maybe you should have one that is a different color? Like an opaque one? Just a thought. ;)

  2. Your flowers look great! Vase size is just fine. Just think when your moms flowers bloom, you can steal some of hers! All those lovely ladies in the photos, and most are my sisters!!!:) :) deb
    I have a notebook like that that is prob. 25 years old! I think I better read it to be inspired! I also have a little notebook in my purse that I jot down to do projects that are current. I have to write down EVERTHING! again I sign off...deb!


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