Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Get 'er Done

I'm on a "stay-cation" this week and don't just want to sit around like last time so I made a to do list, inspired by my friend Amy. Joe and I have also been like having lots of fun together! Last night we had a random date involving, froyo + walmart + value village.

- Do the Dishes. Done
- Get caught up with reading schedule. Done
- Cook/Bake for home meeting Friday. Done
- XC Ski Tuesday with Joe. Done
- Write weekly menu plan. Done
- Cover Clipboards. Done
- Finish cleaning/purging/organizing studio. Done.
- Go for a walk
- Write a couple blog posts. Done
- Hem curtains
- Make a double batch of laundry soap. Done
- Download CDs onto computer, then to Ipod.
- Check out livingtohim website. Done
*** Dog sweater found at Walmart. He hated it. ***

*** Blackberries for breakfast ***

And here is my "studio", really messy, this is to inspire me to finish cleaning!

*** Selkirk lodge at Mt. Spokane ***

Monday, January 30, 2012

Paper Projects

Today, I thought I'd share a few little projects I've made recently. This first one, was inspired by my aunt reminding me to use the little verses already prepared at the back of my morning revival book. This one was super easy, probably took 20 to 30 minutes including doing the dishes while it dried. I just cut out the verses for this week, making them all the same size. Took a thin piece of cardboard (backing of a product packaging), decopaged on a scap piece of paper on front, added photo corners and more scrap paper for the back, waited for it to dry and then attached the verses with a mini clothespin.

Today's verses are Romans 8:16 - The Spirit Himself witnesses with our spirit that we are children of God.
and 1 Corinthians 6:17 - But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit.

Last weekend, I was supposed to be cleaning up my craft area when I came across these beads and decided they would make excellent tassels for bookmarks and so ended up making bookmarks instead! I also used some of my "free bling" from my roadside chandelier find on the tassels. The hardest part was figured out how to thread the embroidery thread through. Ended up stiffening the ends of the thread with tacky glue which worked like a charm. I did sand the thin cardboard before gluing on the paper and then sanded the edges all the way around and applied a few generous coats of mod podge and they turned out great!

Last, is a scrapbook layout I made last night. I finally figured out a cheap and fairly easy way to print out the retro pictures from my phone's camera. These are all from our recent cross country ski trips!

And last a point from the meeting last night, "We must redeem the time to enjoy Christ as the supreme preciousness of God so that we can be constituted with Him to be men of preciousness as His personal treasure, in this way He builds Himself into us to make us His spiritual house and His holy and royal priesthood for the accomplishment of His heart's desire!"

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Malcolm Up a Tree

We finally went looking for our cat this afternoon, since he had been out early this morning and hadn't been home, which is very unusual for him. This is where we found him, two houses down, very high up in a tree. I think he was about 50 feet up. With all the snow on the ground, we could see that a large dog (or a dog with large paws) had been through our yard, and my deductive sleuthing says that the same dog chased him up the tree. The same dog prints were around the tree, plus some lovely yellow snow at the base of the tree. Needless to say, I am rather irritated with all dogs in general right now, and more so with dog owners who are irresponsible. We tried and tried to coax him out of the tree but he was up there fairly high and perched rather precariously. I don't doubt that he would have come down eventually but it's been so cold here and he sounded so pathetic meowing at us that it would have killed me to let him stay up there all night. But the story has a happy ending. My cousin Steven is a firefighter (and it's true, they will no longer come get cats out of trees) but he did know of a guy who rescues cats. We finally got in touch with him, and he came to the rescue with all his tree climbing gear and got Mal down safe!

Here is a closer view, so there is no doubt that the dot is my cat.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Before it melts...

The freezing rain started up tonight, so I decided to get some photographic evidence of the snow before it's gone. Hopefully there will be enough left tomorrow to build a snowman! We had our home meeting over at Amy and Orlando's tonight, had some lovely chicken and lengue tacos - those two can cook! Amy and I also made snockerdoodles for the college meeting tomorrow. It's always fun hanging out at their place! Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I'm so happy it finally snowed! We got about 3 + inches today and supposed to have more tonight. Of course nurses never get snow days but I enjoyed it none the less. It was a crazy day at work, but I did enjoy a cup of cocoa while I zoomed through my charting. Tasted just like my grama used to make it!
And on another note, I've picked out a name for my Etsy shop - Leona Lane. Thats the dirt road my grama lives on, so many wonderful memories there, and she is where I got my love of old things and little treasures. But she also taught me that people are more important than things... wise words to live by. Love you Grams!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Kitchen Pictures... Finally

I realize that it has taken me so long to post these pictures that most of you have probably already seen my kitchen in person. Oops. Well, here they are. To have both good lighting and have everything clean just wasn't happening, so finally just settled for some night shots. Anyways, I'm really happy with how the color turned out and I think Joe likes it too! We may try to make some sort of backsplash behind the stove but otherwise we're pretty much done with any changes in here.

Kitchen tour complete!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Thirty Before Thirty

Today, Jenn and I decided it would be fun to write thirty before thirty lists. Here goes...

1. Try paddle boarding
2. Go to Europe
3. Learn to use manual mode on my camera
4. See the Eiffel Tower
5. Have pictures taken of us
6. Make my nurse III
7. Finish reading the Bible
8. Be able to run 3 miles
9. Make cake pops
10. Get a manicure
11. Have a kid (yikes...)
12. XC Skiing 4x or more
13. Get my CCRN 
14. Make Pickles
15.Open an Etsy store
16. Go to Vermont in the fall
17. Grocery shop at a farmers market
18. Ride my bike to work
19. Read all the Tintin books
20. Read a classic novel
21. Get a set of scrubs I actually like
22. Sew something cool, maybe a quilt
23. Try a new haircut
24. Learn to play a song on the piano
25. Buy a pair of leather boots
26. Donate to a charity
27. Read a ministry book
28. Eat less processed food
29. Get another pet (open ended... could be a dog, chicken, cat...)
30. Make something with an old shutter 

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Melrose Market

Melrose Market is one of my new Seattle favs. I'm sure I've raved about Sitka and Spruce before, they make the best food ever - hands down. We stopped by the market on the way out of Seattle and had lunch at Homegrown, a little cafe there. The sandwiches were delicious and they even had gluten free bread that Jenn tried. I had the roasted beet and goat cheese sandwich, which was amazing! Enough chatter, here's some pics. I've been messing around with manual mode, so sorry about all the wacky exposures :)

Monday, January 02, 2012

Welcome 2012

Well 2012 is off to a fairly good start. For one, I got the weekend off, which is always nice. And, I got to spend it with good friends and family. This morning, Joe and I went on a coffee and crepe date, yummy! I also won our little bet today, so we're going to one of my favorite spots tomorrow.  Practiced using my camera in manual mode today too. Some random pictures from today...

And yes, that is a clear sky above!

A couple new years resolutions:
- Go cross country skiing (at least 4 more times).
- Finish the chapter a day reading schedule of the New Testament.
- Get my CCRN certification, Finally. (this has been a resolution before that didn't go very far...)
- Make some things inspired by my multitude of pins on Pinterest.
- Work on my photography "skillz"