Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Get 'er Done

I'm on a "stay-cation" this week and don't just want to sit around like last time so I made a to do list, inspired by my friend Amy. Joe and I have also been like having lots of fun together! Last night we had a random date involving, froyo + walmart + value village.

- Do the Dishes. Done
- Get caught up with reading schedule. Done
- Cook/Bake for home meeting Friday. Done
- XC Ski Tuesday with Joe. Done
- Write weekly menu plan. Done
- Cover Clipboards. Done
- Finish cleaning/purging/organizing studio. Done.
- Go for a walk
- Write a couple blog posts. Done
- Hem curtains
- Make a double batch of laundry soap. Done
- Download CDs onto computer, then to Ipod.
- Check out livingtohim website. Done
*** Dog sweater found at Walmart. He hated it. ***

*** Blackberries for breakfast ***

And here is my "studio", really messy, this is to inspire me to finish cleaning!

*** Selkirk lodge at Mt. Spokane ***


  1. So glad many things are "done"! Feels so good to accomplish those lists hidden in r heads. Glad you started with a date! Enjoy your week.

  2. awww glad i could be inspirational!!! :) Looks like you are already getting so much done and it is only Wednesday! Nice job and great photos!

  3. Great photos! And awesome list! Glad you are Joe are having fun. :)


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