Monday, January 02, 2012

Welcome 2012

Well 2012 is off to a fairly good start. For one, I got the weekend off, which is always nice. And, I got to spend it with good friends and family. This morning, Joe and I went on a coffee and crepe date, yummy! I also won our little bet today, so we're going to one of my favorite spots tomorrow.  Practiced using my camera in manual mode today too. Some random pictures from today...

And yes, that is a clear sky above!

A couple new years resolutions:
- Go cross country skiing (at least 4 more times).
- Finish the chapter a day reading schedule of the New Testament.
- Get my CCRN certification, Finally. (this has been a resolution before that didn't go very far...)
- Make some things inspired by my multitude of pins on Pinterest.
- Work on my photography "skillz"


  1. Great goals. You know which one I like best! :). Happy new year!

  2. I just love that red couch. i feel that the couch is my "Friends" couch. :)


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