Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Melrose Market

Melrose Market is one of my new Seattle favs. I'm sure I've raved about Sitka and Spruce before, they make the best food ever - hands down. We stopped by the market on the way out of Seattle and had lunch at Homegrown, a little cafe there. The sandwiches were delicious and they even had gluten free bread that Jenn tried. I had the roasted beet and goat cheese sandwich, which was amazing! Enough chatter, here's some pics. I've been messing around with manual mode, so sorry about all the wacky exposures :)


  1. You got some fun photos of that place! I think my best shot was the sandwich...there is something about food that makes me just love to photograph it!

  2. Great shots. Looks like a Jenn & Renae store. Give me sharp cheddar! I need to be more adventurous!


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