Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We thought he was a gonner but the cat came back...

Anyone remember this song? About a week ago, I was out working in the yard with my mom and I found this little yellow cat limping around. It looked pretty sick, so I convinced Joe to let it stay the night with us. So we fixed up a little box on the porch for the friendly little guy, and gave him some food and water; he ate like he hadn't seen food for a while. He slept the whole night on the back porch and the plan was to take him to the vet in the morning. Well, by the time I got up that morning he was gone and we didn't see him at all last week. I kept hoping he wasn't laying in a ditch somewhere dying. I finally gave up hoping he would come back a few days ago. Then last night he was out in the yard when I got home from work. I was able to get a good look at his leg, the back is all shaved, so I think maybe someone took him to vet, and he's not limping anymore. I still don't think he belongs to anyone though, we fed him some canned fish last night and again, he seemed to be starving and his coat is kind of grungy. Every time he came on the porch yesterday he seemed kind of scared, so after he ate, he ran off again. So I guess I'll just wait and see if he comes back again...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Seattle Foodie Trip

Ever since switching to day shift, it seems I haven't had more than a few days off in a row. Rough, I know... but I've been itching for a nice stretch off. So I'm finally on a six day stretch off and it feels absolutely wonderful, I'm not going to lie. And if while reading this you feel insanely jealous, there is nothing to stop you from going back to school to become a nurse... but I digress. On with the fun stuff!

Friday, we headed off to Seattle with some friends, in a quest to show them some of Seattle's wonderful hole-in-the-wall places and unique spots (i.e. can't find in Spokane). Friday night we had some terrific Korean BBQ at my in-laws. Also on the list, Paseos for Cuban sandwiches (the main attraction), Top Pot Doughnuts for their delicious apple fritters, Cupcake Royale - their salted caramel cupcake is killer, Anne's Teriyaki for Vietnamese sandwiches, Kiko's for sushi, Red Mango for Asian frozen yogurt and of course Dick's and several coffee shops. We also tried out a place called Pam's on the Ave, which serves cuisine from Trinidad and Tobago. They make a dish with goat meat which I tried, pretty good actually, but very spicy!

To try and offset a few of the calories and to enjoy the wonderful weather, we also did some touristy stuff. Went for a walk at Golden Gardens, did some window shopping at U Village and picked up a few presents (and a few of Fran's salted caramels), checked out the Ballard Locks and fish ladder, and my favorite, rode beach cruisers at Alki Beach!

Now for some proof...

Top Pot Doughnuts

Tiff and I at the Ballard Paseo's

Marina next to Golden Gardens Park

Hanging out, drinking coffee - what's Seattle without some good coffee?

Goat curry dish

Ryan and Tiff at Cupcake Royale

Sushi roll at Kiko's in Bellevue

Riding a beach cruiser at Alki Beach. Joe took this pix while riding a bike, now that's some raw talent ;)

And a parting shot of the Seattle skyline from Alki Beach.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Rock Garden

Last weekend Joe took a jackhammer to our front walkway and we were left with a "wonderful" rock garden in the front yard. Unfortunately, we missed getting a picture with the heavy machinery but I snapped a few today while cleaning up the rest of the debris. Joe's already disposed of 2 truck loads of concrete.

What our front yard looked like this morning. ...actually looks much better!

Truck load #3.

On another note - my most recent thrift store find, the new home of my topiary.

And lastly, it's Bloomsday weekend! We've got a full house and looking forward to a great BBQ/Pasta dinner tonight! The rest of the gang is off picking up their race numbers and such at the moment.