Saturday, May 01, 2010

Rock Garden

Last weekend Joe took a jackhammer to our front walkway and we were left with a "wonderful" rock garden in the front yard. Unfortunately, we missed getting a picture with the heavy machinery but I snapped a few today while cleaning up the rest of the debris. Joe's already disposed of 2 truck loads of concrete.

What our front yard looked like this morning. ...actually looks much better!

Truck load #3.

On another note - my most recent thrift store find, the new home of my topiary.

And lastly, it's Bloomsday weekend! We've got a full house and looking forward to a great BBQ/Pasta dinner tonight! The rest of the gang is off picking up their race numbers and such at the moment.

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  1. I'll miss your sidewalk!!!! I think Joe needs a job to keep busy before you have a hole in your house :). I am glad you had a great day with the bloomsday crowd.


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