Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oregon Coast Scrapbook - Done!

I finally finished my Oregon Coast trip scrapbook and then actually got around to taking some pictures! Woot! So glad it's all done. All the layouts fit perfectly in a blue post bound scrapbook I received over the Holidays. That worked out perfect. Here's the two pager that completed the book, there are also more layouts over on my gallery at (Gets bigger if you click on it).

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Days Off in Photos

Pulled my real camera out the last couple days. I went to my first physical therapy appointment today and I am supposed to avoid sitting as much as possible. Turns out its easy to while away hours on the computer while laying on your stomach. So I guess that means.... I'm back :) It used to be that on a two day off stretch I might get a little laundry done and that was about all. When grama was in the hospital and in hospice, I started getting up earlier getting stuff done quicker, so I could go spend time with her. And for the most part, I wasn't really getting that much more exhausted, but it felt good being productive. That has stuck I guess.
Treat'd ourselves to D'Lish after all the yard work.

Roadside freebies on my porch
Mint plant from last year growing
Weeds that were attacked (that's right, past tense!), planting veggies up next.
Ivy covered fence
Backyard beds that were finished up last week
Lilacs are in bloom! Wish I could bottle that smell! Love, love, love them!
African daisies planted up front.
Hawthorne tree finally got with the program. It's like neon pink!
New bedroom curtains? Joe's says too "old lady"...
Pizza and movie night. "D" street from the Flying Goat - my new fav!
Little journal to chronicle my "back" stuff. Had to try out my new ink :)
Inversion table - 20 minutes every day.
Going through my stacks of magazines

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Work. Real Life

As much as I wish that I didn't have a 40 hour a week job that takes up every other weekend and saps all my energy ... that is not the case. I would be lying if I said that I didn't envy those creative people that get paid to be awesome for a living and inspire the rest of us. But on the other hand, I feel very fortunate to have a good paying job, especially these days, when there are so many folks out there that are looking for work. I need to remind myself to look at the glass as half full, not half empty. Since I have started photo a day, I have accumulated a little pile of pictures taken at work. I spend a lot of time there, so it only seems right that it should be included in this little documentation of daily life. It has also helped remind me of the reasons I love being a nurse, many of those are hard to photograph though, ... adrenaline rushes, saving lives, finally getting through to someone, working with awesome people, those "ah ha" moments, and sometimes just having an intubated and sedated patient (after all, I am an ICU nurse). Well, here they are.
In case you're curious... starting left to right
1. View from the break room
2. What I carry around all day at work
3. Sign above the coffee pot
4. Goofy self pic in the locker room
5. Old radio that still works
6. Funny flamingo pen
7. The sun on a lunch break
8. My locker
9. Chocolate wrapper, need to work on eating better at work :)
10. Starbucks treat on one of my "Fridays"
11. Flower brightening up the break room
12. Sunset at quittin time
13. Where I work
14. Study day
15. Junk food... (see #9)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life Update & Instagram Love

Instagram is my all time favorite app, I was so excited when they finally released a version for Android. I hit a hundred pictures today. When life gets crazy busy, its nice to just whip out your phone a take a quick picture to remember the moment by. Instagram helps get those phone pics a little something extra. Anyways, here are some from today.
I've been trying to focus on the good things that happen each day, which is one reason I've finally gotten on the photo-a-day bandwagon via instagram. Today, I'm grateful for a lot of things. First of all, my supportive husband, who's been by my side every day for the last three months, with all sadness and the emotional rollercoaster of loosing my grandmother. And for encouraging me through all the issues I've been having with my back and leg pain the last several months, all the foam rolling, massaging, encouraging me to keep trying things and stay on track with everything. I had an MRI of my lumbar spine done yesterday. It confirmed that I have a bulging disc that is compressing a nerve and thus causing all the pain I've been having, they seem to think it is due to my scoliosis and not any specific injury. Next week, I have an appointment with a physical therapist to see if that might help. Fingers crossed. 
I'm also grateful for all the warm weather we've been having recently. Feels like summer. The lilacs are in full swing and smell so wonderful. We've been cleaning up the garden beds, finished up the shady area near the patio yesterday. (Thanks mom for your help!) I love going to nurseries and looking at all the plants, all the green and new life is so refreshing! Today, I also stopped by the new farmer's market downtown and picked up some local honey made on the south hill. Joe and I had dinner outside for the first time this year tonight, so lovely. Nice way to end a long stretch off. Also made up a batch of my favorite summer drink - passion tea lemonade. 
I'm also grateful for my wonderful family and friends who have been so supportive and caring. I don't what I would do without all of you!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hot Pink Geraniums

Life just keeps moving along. Things are slowly returning back to the normal routine around here. I haven't been doing much with the blog recently and have realized I miss having a way of documenting things and sharing with my friends who don't live as close as I'd like. We got the window boxes filled a few days back.  Here's what I see out my kitchen window now...