Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oregon Coast Scrapbook - Done!

I finally finished my Oregon Coast trip scrapbook and then actually got around to taking some pictures! Woot! So glad it's all done. All the layouts fit perfectly in a blue post bound scrapbook I received over the Holidays. That worked out perfect. Here's the two pager that completed the book, there are also more layouts over on my gallery at (Gets bigger if you click on it).


  1. Love it! Great page. lots of pics. :)

  2. I LOVE IT! Rounding the corners of your photos and OF COURSE THE COLORS of you paper, make this an awesome l.o. Your photos tell a great story!

  3. I love it! Very cute!

    I'd love to get a preview of and link to this post on the Cannon Beach page on If you'd like to do that, visit this page and click on "Add your post to this page" text (near the bottom) for instructions, or email me - inna at dwellable dot com. :)



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