Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Days Off in Photos

Pulled my real camera out the last couple days. I went to my first physical therapy appointment today and I am supposed to avoid sitting as much as possible. Turns out its easy to while away hours on the computer while laying on your stomach. So I guess that means.... I'm back :) It used to be that on a two day off stretch I might get a little laundry done and that was about all. When grama was in the hospital and in hospice, I started getting up earlier getting stuff done quicker, so I could go spend time with her. And for the most part, I wasn't really getting that much more exhausted, but it felt good being productive. That has stuck I guess.
Treat'd ourselves to D'Lish after all the yard work.

Roadside freebies on my porch
Mint plant from last year growing
Weeds that were attacked (that's right, past tense!), planting veggies up next.
Ivy covered fence
Backyard beds that were finished up last week
Lilacs are in bloom! Wish I could bottle that smell! Love, love, love them!
African daisies planted up front.
Hawthorne tree finally got with the program. It's like neon pink!
New bedroom curtains? Joe's says too "old lady"...
Pizza and movie night. "D" street from the Flying Goat - my new fav!
Little journal to chronicle my "back" stuff. Had to try out my new ink :)
Inversion table - 20 minutes every day.
Going through my stacks of magazines


  1. I LOVE your old lady curtains! Give Joe 30 years get some chevron! :)

  2. PS: Your garden and flowers are LOVELY!


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