Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Ten Favorites from 2010

...after all, its not quite 2011 yet. These are in no particular order, except for numero uno.
1. Adopting Malcom from the Humane Society and having him become #3 in our wolf pack...
2. Whistler trip with the whole gang reunited + Hans
3. Discovering All Seasons and camping with Rachel
4. Joe's fish tacos
5. Passion ice tea lemonade, quickly became a summer staple
6. Working bathroom
7. REAL dining room chairs
8. Quotes from Jim Gaffagan and The Hangover
9. Jenn introducing me to Red Mango
10. Seattle Foodie Trip and riding cruisers on Alki Beach.

Peace out 2010. Happy New Year everyone!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Who doesn't love cupcakes?

A picture from around Christmas last year at Trophy Cupcakes ...yumm! (Its so cool being able to post from my phone like this...) Hope everyone is enjoying some time off over the holidays.

Malcolm snoozing on the new couch

Its so cute how he holds his head like that when he sleeps!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Enjoying Winter

Its been a little while... anyways, a few things I've been enjoying recently.
The Nine Emotional Lives of a Cat - really good book, interesting read.

Snowflake hurricanes from Crate & Barrel that Joe bought me :)

Fuzzy winter boots - no more cold wet feet!

Sunset outside our house
All the grandkids with grandma at Thanksgiving

  Malcolm watching the snow fall outside the window.

  Mrs. Meyers... this stuff smells amazing. Almost makes you want to clean.

  Outside the XC ski lodge @Mt Spokane with my mom and lil sister.
 Birthday party for my best friend Jenn

  Scrapbooking and watching Lois and Clark from the 90s. So hilarious...
Giant "man-cake" for Joey.