Friday, January 20, 2012

Before it melts...

The freezing rain started up tonight, so I decided to get some photographic evidence of the snow before it's gone. Hopefully there will be enough left tomorrow to build a snowman! We had our home meeting over at Amy and Orlando's tonight, had some lovely chicken and lengue tacos - those two can cook! Amy and I also made snockerdoodles for the college meeting tomorrow. It's always fun hanging out at their place! Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!


  1. I was going to take photos today and the rain keeps coming! Unbeleavable! I am so glad you got evidence! I may need a copy of your photo. Such a lovely entrance to your home!

  2. We went snowboarding today and while we were gone it must have rained ALL DAY because the thick slushy snow is pretty much gone! It was fun while it lasted. ;)

  3. aww gee thanks! glad you enjoyed dinner. loved having you over for the afternoon!


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