Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Back to Work

Well, I'm off to work again tonight... 2 nights off is never long enough. However, yesterday, I was able to go visit my friend Hanni and her new baby on her farm - which was awesome! Her baby is super cute and all her animals are really fun to see. I even held a real pitchfork yesterday!! She gave me some eggs from her chickens, and she thinks one is a duck egg! I haven't fried it up yet though... maybe tomorrow morning for breakfast.

These are all of them, it's so cool, they're all different colors. The one far back on the right is the one that might be a duck egg and next to it is a jumbo egg.

For a better perspective, the jumbo egg... its so HUGE!

In other news, some of the crafty projects I finished today!

The newest addition to the bathroom.

And a paper lantern I made today with one of those fake tealights. If I like it, I might make a few more!!

Happy sleeping everyone!

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  1. Such cute projects and funny egg pictures!

    Oh and hi from Hannah. We are excited to see you this weekend!!! YAY!!!


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