Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Birthday Present from Mr. Kitty

So Mr. Kitty is now bringing his "presents" for us inside. He brought us this dragonfly the other day. Thankfully, this present wasn't alive. I was really surprised how intact it was. The dragonfly was kind of cool but I'm dreading the day he brings something furry inside. I remember oh-so-clearly the day I learned that cats like to show off by bringing in their presents. I had spent the night at my grandma's and was going out to pick up the paper. I slipped my foot into her slipper and screamed bloody murder as my foot touched something cold and furry. Boots had left a mouse in her slipper... I was not pleased. But I'm sure he was.

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  1. Happy happy birthday!!! You and Amy had a great looking dessert and your photos are great. I'm glad your kitty is sharing his spoils with you. Mice season is coming;)!


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