Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Went to a new coffee shop with Joe today on our way back from REI. It's close to the Spokane Courthouse. Neat little place, we both got a London Fog but next time we stop by I'll try one of their lattes. It's attached to a bookstore and appears to have wi-fi also. Looks like a nice place to study, wasn't overrun with screaming kiddos. Closes at six on weekdays and at five on the weekend. Still haven't found a late night coffee spot here in town yet.


  1. Miss coffee detective...keep us posted! (who drinks coffee at night...unless you are night shift?!) Debbie

  2. Yeah, I have gone there on the way to work before. It is a cute little place! The only coffee shop I know of in town that stays open late is The Service Station out north on Division. It is a nice coffee shop but it is HUGE. Not a cozy quaint little spot... Keep posting us on your search! :)


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