Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Embrace Autumn

Well, it's back to work for five days tomorrow. So today I decided to enjoy fall by making some pumpkin pie. It makes the house smell so delicious! Now, I need to find someone to help me eat the rest...  Also hit up yoga class today, had dinner with Sarah and Nathan and cleaned up part of the house :)
*Two regular size pumpkin pies, plus a mini pie*
Also, doodled some pumpkins and a squirrel on the to-do list window today. On that note, anyone have suggestions for photographing glass without getting all the glare and reflections? 
Happy fall everyone!


  1. YUMMYYYY!! You can share it with me if you have any left over!

    And fantastic doodles :) Hope work goes well!

  2. Have fun at work. Those pies look delicious! I will always share....! Love your fall decorations especially that cute squirrel. I try to shoot glass from an angle in a well lit area without flash. If I don't see reflection, it looks ok. You though are the photographer and married to one!


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