Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fun Projects

Today has been kind of a "work" day. Finally picked up the wallpaper pieces all over the kitchen and the ones that gotten tracked around the rest of the house. Joe finished installing all the new kitchen hardware. Went through the mall, took out the trash. You know, the usual. Cleaned up the living room and dining room. There is more to go but I decided to take a little break. I painted my nails (I found the best orangey-red color today), finished up this banner I started last week and tried out this T-to-Tank Tutorial I found on Pinterest recently. Oh, I also got myself a copy of Grace Bonney's new book Design*Sponge at Home with one of my birthday gift cards! Thanks Sonyong!

I think this bunting would be perfect for a little boy's room.

This is a t-shirt I've had for years. It didn't really fit that well anymore but I've been feeling too nostalgic to get rid of it. It was the first "cool" shirt I ever bought (it's vintage now). Anyways, I followed this tutorial from CrafterHours blog. I like how it turned out, it actually made the shirt a little longer than it was before. The only thing it did different was I only cut one strip off the bottom, right above the seam and used that for the drawstring. The weather is all cold now, but its been sitting on a shelf for so long that a few more months isn't going to make a difference.

Well, off to go on a walk and then more cleaning!


  1. Sounds like quite the productive day! And yes, that shirt is way vintage now :) Very cute!

  2. Has to be 100 Years old to be an antique! A few years from now! Love your banner. Great color.


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