Friday, November 13, 2009


Yesterday at our house we had a few huge fluffy flakes coming down! Its pretty exciting... but nothing stuck. We still have Thanksgiving this fall but other than that the leaves our down (and raked and in the yard bin) so it would be ok if it snowed all little bit! I like all the white sparkly stuff on the ground plus it makes it not so dark in the evenings and good for snowball fights and such.
I've got today off and then work for 4 more nights starting Saturday! I'm looking forward to my first Friday night off in forever. In the way of other news, we might go to Seattle soon for a visit, we got some new barstools for our kitchen, dining room area and still have lots of unfinished projects around the house :) Have a nice weekend everyone!!

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  1. Hola sista! You are so lucky about the snow! Its funny, we still have most of our leaves around here...some trees are bare but most still have leaves.

    Sometime can I snatch that Pecan pie recipe that we used last year? I would like to make pie for thanksgiving. Thanks! ;)


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