Thursday, July 08, 2010


If weeds were a cash crop, I be rich and not have to work a day again in my life. Our yard has the amazing ability to grow 4 foot high dandelions and all other sorts of terrifically tall unwanted plants. Joe and I have been pulling them out like crazy. We have a little bobcat coming tomorrow to move the dirt piles around and we're hoping to not spread all the mega-weeds through the rest of the yard.
In other news, the bathroom is coming along. The eggplant purple color is gone, along with the terrible faded grape vines. The toilet is back up and running! We're still not done installing the sink, the fan and a few other odds and ends.


  1. So glad you are getting sun as well, and able to work in the yard. Sounds fun!

  2. Love reading your recent posts. I've been to busy lately and have missed your lovely posts. Your kitty looks darling and I am sure you will control those weeds ???!!! I will have to come see your home again when all the projects come to a close?! Stay happy. love Deb

  3. Wow I now see that I have missed much postage over the last 6 months. Your running schedule, vids of Malcom on the You Tubz and PS thats a sweet skyline shot of Seattle! I like all of your creative house stuff that you make instead of buying the $$$ at stores. Thats a really smart idea, to me paying full price for stuff like that at outlets is kind of like the idea of buying jeans with holes cut in them already. Well maybe...
    It looks like yall have been doing to cuisine research over there in Seattle too. Eric E and I are leaving early for the wedding to stop for a while in Seattle so we may grab some lunch there and go to REI or something. Then we are staying at the Kim's (before and after SST)
    Well speaking of gourmet food, thanks a ton to you and Joe for inviting me over numerous times for sushi... it was good hanging out in the limited time available! =)

    --- Jon ---


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