Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The day we moved in, actually maybe even before that, we new that the yellow paint would be going away. What we can't figure out is what took us so long to get around to actually painting it. Finally decided to go for it yesterday! Here's some evidence...

Before Photos
Living room all cleaned up

Dining Room - with new chairs (finally)

Work in Progress Shots

This one is as close as it gets to the actual color, not capturing well on camera at night.

You can kind of see the accent color in this one, under the arch.

Parting Shot of the Night

This is the current state of affairs. Not everything is back up on the walls yet. May switch a few things around and still need to hang the curtains, so more pictures later when everything is completely finished.

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  1. Pretty color! I like it! But you said that one photo was at night and I clearly saw some sunshine outside. :)


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