Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

Went to visit grandma today. Seems to be recognizing people a little more and her memory seems to be improving a little bit. Physically she seems to be doing well, using her left hand well and walking again, albeit a little wobbly.  Also went to Northwest Christian Thrift to find stuff for my "store". Hopefully, I will get my act together soon and get it up and running!

A couple old books, Alice in Wonderland and a mystery novel by Carolyn Keene.

 Little pitcher for half and half with mushrooms on it.

 Bag of fabric scraps for a few bucks.

 Owl plate that reminds me of my Grandma Casto.

 Some vintage little place cards with pink tulips.


  1. I love to see what you find! I used to love to thrift shop. I don't need a thing any more so very rarely go. Like those place cards.

  2. Keep me updated on your store opening!! :) You always find such fun stuff.

    And also glad to hear your grandma is doing a little better!

  3. Fun little vintage finds! Where do you go shopping?


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