Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Project Life Update

Little late I know... well my intentions were good. I'll keep working on it. At least I'm staying relatively caught up! Still loving this project, its so much fun to work on and I can't wait until several months go by and I can flip through and get a snapshot of what we've been up to! It has been a little bittersweet with everything going on, but I will say, it has been helping focus on the positive things, which is good for me.

June 17 - 23: Two inserts this week (eek!) but it was my vacation week after all and the first official week of summer. So naturally, lots of pictures! And I had to include my summer manifesto too. Its on the back of the "Summer of 2012" page.
June 24 - 30: This week is just the regular two page spread. Had fun using some of my new stuff! Used lots of washi tape! Also made some of my own stickers again, the circle on the upper left and the heart on the lighting picture. Didn't have tons of photos this week, because I worked a ton! Decided to use the bottom row to add my photo-a-day instagram pictures (they aren't the best pics but I'm ok with that).


  1. I think its awesome to add instagram photos. No they are not high quality, but who cares! I also am trying to use my "real" camera more. One question, what is that page protector with the instagrams? Is it from martha stewart? The ones I have are coin protectors but they look much smaller.

  2. I think I got it the pack at staples. They say "oker brand" on the bottom of the package in very small letters. They are a little smaller than 3x3 inches and the middle row is 2.5x3 in.

  3. Again I will say, I am so glad you are doing project life!!


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