Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Project Life - Playing Catch Up

The end of summer and our trip to Europe turned into a giant whirlwind. I've been trying to get caught up with Project Life and I'm getting a little closer. I've got more pictures to pick up at Costco. I haven't posted any pictures of my weeks for a while so I thought I'd share today. I've been trying to keep it pretty simple but occasionally having been throwing some new things in to keep it interesting. I haven't been doing any traditional scrapbooking for last few months, I'm hoping to have time to make some regular layouts this winter. But for now, getting caught up is the name of the game.

Week: July 29th - Aug 4th

Week: August 5th - 11th

Close up of this week's insert. The photo grid from the blog post is on the front and the text is on the back.

Second page of this week's spread. 

Week: August 12th - 18th. First page

Second page. Still need to pick up the photo booth pics.

Week: August 19th - 25th. Insert this week is Joe's birthday card.

Week: August 26th - Sept 1st
Well, that's it for now. Getting closer! I'm planning on combining the two weeks that we were in Europe together, since I already have a *Smash book with all my journaling and I'm planning to make a photo book with all our pictures too.


  1. Very VERY cool. I love your book. Its so much more colorful and crafy than mine. I was wondering...did you scan that photobooth photo of Ellen and I and you? If so, can you email that to me? I would love to have a second copy.

  2. I did and yes ill send you a copy

  3. I don't get behind as I do it not by week. I just monthly make sure something is documented. That makes it remain fun for me, not a burden to maintain. With your busy life, you might consider that approach. It's a great way to have my favorite happenings and photos have a home.


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