Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Instagram + Project Life

I have a self confessed instagram obsession - absolutely love it! When I'm rounding up my pictures of the week for Project Life, I always look back over my instagrams too. I love incorporating them into my album because they are so representative of the day-by-day for me. Sometimes, I re-size them to fit in the usual pockets. This week I had so many photos in addition to my "grams" that I decided to print them as mini pics and make a special insert for them.  

To make something similar, you will want to print your pictures out as 2x2s. I do this in Picasa, first select six photos, then click "create" in the toolbar at the top and select "picture collage". For the collage settings, use 4x6 for the canvas size and grid layout. This should place all six of your photos side by side. Save the image and print as a 4x6. Next is the fun part! Cut them up and play with your paper until you make something fabulous! For journaling, I just wrote the the original captions underneath. Happy crafting! 

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