Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

"I'm not superstitious ... just a little-stitious."
- Michael Scott from The Office

Today I got my Valentine's Day present from Joey, a 1 hour massage from Massage Envy. It was really relaxing. I promised myself one after I graduated from nursing school and never did. Jenn and I walked the lake today, beautiful blue skies, the sun was out! Maybe the nasty gray of "winter" is almost over, we seem to have had a lot of nice days recently. Lots of people out with their dogs and/or strollers. Ordered some more pictures on SnapFish today, I've been scrapbooking more than usual recently. My cheesecake just came out of the oven, it has to cool overnight in the fridge. As much as I love cheesecake - the worst thing about is that it gets to taunt you for a whole day before you can eat it :)

The plan tomorrow is to go snowboarding w/ Joe and Matt... and I'm hoping for powder!!

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  1. So sorry your plans for today didn't work out! Matt is really sad as I am sure you are.

    I hope you aren't nibbling on your cheesecake... ;)


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