Thursday, April 09, 2009


Learn to make pastries... yum!
Learn how to speak Korean
Get in better shape, loose a few of those extra pounds
Pass the CCRN exam
Have morning revival more consistantly
Watch less TV

... now to find the motivating factor to keep moving forward!


  1. Greetings from Barcelona!
    hey thar sistah i gots to check yor blog mor oftin.. i didnt no you updayted it sew much... kewl!
    well those paytreez look grayt! yumm! nice resolutions, you can mowtivayd yerself with mor paystreez!

  2. did you make those pastries in your oven? they look reeaall gooood !
    I also like your aspirations - very well rounded - for your spirit, soul & body. in my experience the best motivating factor in human life is LOVE. Love of pastry,love of exercise & how you feel positively afterwards,love of passing CCRN? well... how about the satisfaction of
    succeeding in your profession, and of course the sweetest love is the Love of the Lord & His rich word

  3. I baked them in Jenn's oven! I was afraid mine would ruin them :)

  4. Looking @ those pastries really makes me salivate triple time..... the only thing on your list i can do is exercise... and that goes hand in hand with eating those pastries... good luck with the rest... ah ha detectives on the loose looking for the motivating factor... it certainly ISN'T the pastries.... i would eat 3 of them though if they were here! Life is full of such contractions.... like mom and I ... we sure are such a great couple! TC that just a fake picture right? no you really didn't make those did you... if so... Jon certainly didn't need to travel to France to find such oui oui.... that's Korean for yes yes

  5. Well now I feel privileged that I actually got to eat one, actually 1.5. They were as good as they look!


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