Thursday, June 04, 2009

Alki Beach (and a little shout out)

Last Sunday, we went out to Alki Beach with our good friends Matt and Jenn. A favorite of theirs, but I'd never been. It was quite the interesting experience, almost a mini-California if you will. There's an imported white sand beach, we saw a sand volleyball tournament going on and watched one of the games, kind of has the "boardwalk" feel to it, along with all the interesting people watching involved. We walked from Salty's down the beach to the Bamboo Bar and Grill and ended up having an early dinner! ... and of coarse couldn't pass up the ice cream stand on the way back! Among other sites, a man with a trained parrot, a mini-statue of liberty, beautiful Olympic Mountains and a clear blue sky!

Seattle Skyline from Alki Beach

Me at the mini-Statue of Liberty (apparently there's a bunch of these across the US)

Can't beat ice cream on a hot sunny day :)

Matt had a HUGE burger

The guy with the trained parrot

Mt Rainier was out too!

Matt and Jenn

... and here's a little shout out to my friend Ellen! Hope you're having fun day @work :)

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  1. Are you sure you've never been there? I used to go there to run the beach after work at the VA... and I also went to Kevin and Rachel's wedding which was about a block inland from Alki, a couple years back though maybe before you lived there. Well I will see you next week!


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