Thursday, June 18, 2009


Digging through my closet this afternoon, I found my old ammo box stuffed full of "junk" from when I was a kid. Some of it really needs to be thrown out, so I decided to take a picture of all of it before it gets tossed.

This was an old doll of my mom's that she gave me, its only 2 inches tall.


  1. I remember that "keyboard"! My dad gave that to me when I went to work with him...I guess I got one for you too. I'm not sure what we used them for, but I remember thinking they were awesome!

  2. PS Is that THE cough drop wrapper from freshman year? ;)

  3. dude that is some OLD stuff
    you should save it though, dont toss it!
    PS: how do you get the pix to enlarge if clicked on? mine are only the small size on the page


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