Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quick Updates...

Believe it or not it was actually snowing here this morning, it didn't stick, but it was actually snowing. And its still October. We've officially moved into our place and had a few people over. And getting really close to being done unpacking. Miss Phoebe has joined us now that the smell of the refinished floor is almost gone. Rachel came over yesterday and we made a pumpkin pie out of real pumpkin, super super yummy! Here's a couple pictures.

Front of the house

Backyard w/ my bro doing yardwork

First picture up on the fridge

Rachel w/ our pumpkin pie

Box of chocolates for my birthday!

A hole-in-the-wall Korean place we found in town.


  1. Cute house! Love it all. I gave Matt a tour last night when you were at work. He liked it too!

    Where is this korean place?

  2. I have some pictures from the weekend on my blog. Actually there are some on facebook too. Love ya!


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