Thursday, October 01, 2009

Trip to Seattle

Seattle has the best French bakeries I've ever been to... and, yes, I do miss them.
We had lunch at the Ikon grill last time we were in town, pretty good food. Then we wandered down to Pike Place Market where Le Panier is, if you enjoy French pastries, and haven't been I highly recommend it.

A lemon tart of sorts - yummy!

The girls and I at Ikon Grill

We also went to Joe's downhill bike race in Tacoma, I had quite the excitement shuttling him up to the top. It was a steep, narrow road with people coming and going both ways. But I'm still in one piece!

Joe at the top before the race


Almost to the finish line

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  1. Thats interesting that the French market place is called "Panier" because thats also what my bike saddle bags are called. I looked it up and it turns out that its the french word for 'basket' So im guessing that the market is using it for the idea of a food basket or maybe bread, whereas the bike probably started as handle bar baskets and have now evolved into Goe-tex plastic behind the seat travel bags


    I wish i couldve been at that race, looks like PHUN! and Joes face looks like a chipmunk in the 1st pic with the way his helmet is smashing his cheeks =)


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