Friday, April 02, 2010

A Big Thanks

to Jenna and Tanya over at Percolating Projects! I was the lucky winner of their first giveaway!! And am now waiting for this in the mail :) Tanya is in nursing school right now, so she obviously understands the importance of caffeine!

And thanks to their how to tutorial on topiarys, I finally finished mine.

And for the very latest project, we've taken on the "office" upstairs, yesterday we moved Joe's desk to the other wall creating his very own "mega-desk". But that left a jumble of wires for the server and internet sitting out in the open. ....sooo, we've moved my newly handed down sewing machine desk over there and I made a skirt type thing to cover all the mess.

Starting the process, measuring out the fabric. In case you can't tell, I'm a very inexperienced sewer and probably found the hardest way to do this.

The finished product, with sewing machine installed inside to boot - with Joe's help of course!

And the mess that's hiding underneath, you can't even see all the wires behind the server in this picture.

More before and after pictures once we finish up the rest of the room!


  1. Looks fan-tast-ic! Love the bow on the stem too. Great job!

  2. I am coveting your cute pink coffee pot. Excellent topary and great sewing project. I love to hide things with fabric! :0)

  3. That is such a cute topiary! I just love that photo of you underneath that table. Very funny. I can't wait to see photos of your new old fashioned sewing machine table. When do I get to see that?

  4. You crafty girl! I like the topiary a LOT and I like the picture of you under the table too.

  5. Great job on the topiary- AND the sewing machine housing! Hope you're enjoying your french press- let us know what you think of it, cause we are INCREDIBLY jealous of you!!!!! :)


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