Thursday, April 01, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Inspired by so many pictures of pretty pink flowers, I picked up a bunch of carnations at the grocery store a few days back. I'm usually not a "pink" type of girl but right now it feels very springy and happy! So my humble little blog got a face lift since the snowboarding season is over, the winter decorations are down and spring is on its way!

A few things that have been making me happy recently...

My birdie took her first bath in the sink - of her own initiative ;)
My little bro came home to visit from SoCal for a friend's wedding.
Good friends in town for the wedding! Peter and Hannah stayed with us again.
Scrapbooking with Jenn!
Having the house to myself (and the computer) at the moment
The most delicious fish tacos EVER that Joe made for dinner the other night, I'm still drooling!
Actually making some progress on the heaps and heaps of "projects" I've started around here.
Only 3 night shifts left!

My lovely carnations!

FINALLY, finished this mail basket I got a Ross months ago, with Jewelry Box Thickers.
... and my first magazine from Country Living inside!

Everyone over at the house over the weekend!

My bro and the guys!

All the fixings for bee bim bop, Joe made it for dinner on Saturday!

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