Sunday, October 10, 2010

October 6th - We have steps out front again!!
October 7th - My prize for finishing my exercise chart... whatever gets you motivated I say, it worked when I was two and it still works now.
 October 8th - early birthday presents!
 October 9th - I admit to cheating on this one, Joe took the picture with Jenn's camera, I just couldn't get the coloring even close with mine.
 October 10th - Close up of a scrapbook page, nice to ignore the housework and just have a lazy Sunday!


  1. YAYYY for finishing your exercise chart! AND getting your steps done :D

  2. I didn't know you finished your exercise chart! Of course, I did see the shelf so I should have figured it out.

    So you say you can't comment on my blog? I have no idea why. Let me know if that is still the case.

  3. Your finished "side walk" is lovely. Bricks fit in so well with your home. It looks wide which is EVERYTHING for a grand entrance. Plants, wow, plants after your garden rehab. I will drive by soon and trespass to look at it all. LOVELY. Debbie


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