Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 11 - Mushrooms in our front yard, I came home from work for lunch that day and snapped this. The VA Cafeteria is closed on Holidays and Weekends. Does anyone pay attention to Columbus Day? I never remember...

October 12 - Mal's food bowl that I fill up before leaving for work. It reminds me of eating off of my Grandma's blue china, you don't get to see the picture until you eat your food!

October 13 - The Finished Sidewalk! No more worrying about twisted ankles, possible broken legs or concussions.

October 14 - The best Cherry Apple Cider from Hanson's at Greenbluff, love this stuff!

October 15 - Tiff and I made apple butter, it's a 24hr process - here's the after photo - all finished, canned and "gift wrapped".

October 16 - African Daisy in the flower box out front, the frost is starting to take most of the flowers.
October 17 - Kitty rolling on the kitchen floor. Despite his mischievousness, he is probably one of the best things that has happened to us so far in 2010.

October 18 - Amy came over to learn how to make pie crust, we made 2 apple pies and a pecan pie. Lattice crusts are difficult, I always cheat and just overlap the pieces.

October 19 - New Plants for out front, I don't remember all their names. I should start a little folder to write all that stuff down. The gal who helped us pick them out is the owner of Judy's on Northwest Blvd - she is super helpful! Yay for sales and clearance plants at the end of the season!

October 20 - Malcom watching House MD with us

October 21 - Country Living Magazine, I love getting things besides bills in the mail!

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