Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I found an interesting blog today while looking for tips to reduce food waste - I know, sounds boring but I'm sick of throwing away wilted, slimy bags of produce and those "science experiments" from the back of the fridge. So I'm starting a more concerted effort to use things up before they go bad. One interesting tip she had was to start a "waste list", write down everything that you throw away over the course of a month or so. Then you can edit your shopping or think of creative uses for those things before they go bad. So I'll see how that goes. The other thing I was inspired to do was "Toss 50 Things", it's based off some book. So in addition to the huge yard sale pile mountain I have in my basement, I'm going to try and find another 50 things to donate, sell, give away, etc. Maybe a few truly un-reusable things I'll actually trash. Apparently, you're only allowed to count repeat items once, i.e. 5 dead batteries only count as 1 thing. ....we'll see how it goes!


  1. I throw away alot of lettuce because I am too lazy to make salads! The cure, I buy much less and use it immediately. I also clean out my frig. once a week the day before the garbage comes. I know right away what needs to be eaten that day or the next so less is wasted. Any how those are my tips. :) Looking forward to Saturday! Debbie

  2. Wow! Renae getting rid of stuff! This is a miracle!


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