Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bon Appetite

In Nelson, we picked up a copy of Bon Appetite, just like we did last summer! We had fun cooking up some of the recipes for the Friday night home meeting. We decided to "test" at least 3 recipes and if they were as tasty as they looked in the photos to try a subscription for a year. Its finally nice enough to eat outside, so we pulled out the folding table! The top photo is mixed berry cobbler (recipe here).

Joe made some shishkabobs with a chimichurri sauce and marinade from the magazine (recipe here).

Joe also mixed up this Lemon Balm Honeysuckle drink from the website without the alcohol (recipe here). It was really refreshing, and a nice way to use up some of the mint we have running rampant out back.


  1. Love the pretty straws! You guys could be in a magazine!

  2. LOVELY!!! (I also love your tableclothes :)) It is so great you have Joe to cook for you. That is something I missed out on. Although someone cooks for me often. Various "chefs" :). Get the magazine!

  3. It was a wonderful dinner!! SO SO yummy :) Thanks for having us over!!

  4. The joys of summer! I love dining al fresco.


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