Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Local Spots

Looking for a good coffee shop or cool place to hang out around Spokane? Here are some of my favs...

The Scoop (on the South Hill). They serve amazing ice cream and coffee as well, the outdoor seating with the string lights is fun in the evening.

Rockwood Bakery (also on the South Hill). Coffee is delicious, neat atmosphere and yummy treats!

Little Garden Cafe (Downriver area) - Eclectic little place with coffee, lots of loose leaf tea, some treats and now serving ice cream!
Little Garden Cafe, Food Specialty Food and Drink, Coffee Shop, 2901 W Northwest Blvd Spokane WA 99205  
Atticus (located downtown) - Coffee, very cool interior and attached shop - vintage items meets giftshop sorta place. 


  1. I will have to try Atticus! I have never been, and it is only a few blocks from work! I will try to go this week:) Great post! Yeah Spokane for having some hip fun coffee places!

  2. Very cool! Maybe I should do a post about this and Seattle...hmmm. :)

  3. They all look cute... I think my favorite would prob. be little garden cafe. That is the area I grew up in...visiting my grandparents. Also LOVE the color of the building :).

  4. P.S. Atticus, don't shoot those Mockingbirds!!!! Debbie


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