Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Weekend in Seattle

A few pictures from our weekend in Seattle! We had a really nice trip, got to visit with a lot of friends and Joe's family. Just thought I'd share a few pictures. Haven't gotten used to busting out the new camera as much as I'd like but getting there. Got some thrifting in too! :)

My friend Jenn with her DSLR practicing with a manual focus lens.

One of Jenn's cats. Flash likes to pose for the camera :)

Wouldn't be a real Seattle experience without slow traffic on 520.

The view while creeping along - not bad! Nice fall colors :)

Kiko Sushi in Bellevue. Joe's favorite Japanese restaurant.

Carne asada tacos from our favorite Mexican joint in Shoreline! Did not disappoint!


  1. Those food pics look like they could be in a magazine! Very nice Renae!

  2. Great photos! What I noticed most were the cloudy sky's! Seattle at its finest? My favorite was that great photo of that darling girl Jenn. My favorite.:)!


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