Friday, June 22, 2012

These Days

It's been nice having some extra days off this week. Got a chance to catch up on some sleep and now actually getting some stuff done around the house, hanging out with friends, relaxing and enjoying the now nice weather that has finally decided to show up. This is going to be a little picture heavy... 
Starting inside...My curtain material turned into a body pillow cover.
Kitty being interested in everything, per usual.
Hemming the curtains finally, 2 down, 4 to go.
On the fridge :)

Sleepy kitty

Getting back on the chapter a day thing, figure I have til the end of summer to finish.

Moving outside...Alliums, such cool flowers!

Neighbor's yellow roses growing all over our fence.

Cilantro growing.

Dill plant, took the flowers off to see if it will grow better.

Mint doesn't even have a dent in it, after a good trimming/harvest. Hooked on the T shirt skirts, they are awesome!

Hostas leaves are gigantic!

So many buds on the hydrangea this year! Yay!

Window box with pink geraniums and bacopa starting to fill out.

Lovely pastry celebrating the start of summer!

Out and About ... Finally getting some SUNSHINE around here!!

Joe hitting some sweet jumps at Beacon Hill. I hiked in and took pictures :)

Perfect "northwest" smell here! Warm dirt and pine needles. Ummm... makes me smile.


  1. Beautiful photos. So great to see the progress of your garden. I love the chapter a day! Best food ever! :)

  2. Awesome photos! I just went through my weekly photos for the past 2 weeks...I have been an awful picture taker. I hardly have enough to fill in my Project Life slots. Sad story. :( But I am inspired to take more!! A little sunshine wouldn't hurt. :)

  3. Fantastic photos! You are becomming quite the photographer!


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