Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Week One

Hopefully will have week two done soon, have all the pics printed out and cut up, will probably have to make my first insert too for our little camping trip. Thought I would share week one though. Having fun so far! It's great getting pics printed out and into something so quickly! Hope everyone is having a good week. We're having lots of rain and thunder and lightening storms the last few days. Looking forward to seeing some friends soon, summer plans and getting a new mattress! We ordered a TemperPedic, eek! that was expensive, but hopefully will be sleeping good and maybe feeling better soon. 


  1. I love it, Renae! Very, very cool. I can tell already that you will really love this project. :)

  2. Love your kitty helping in the garden! So fun to see your PL album. It's fun to have a "picture journal". :-)

  3. Im looking again. You said "here comes summer". Where??? I'm waiting for an appointment and freezing...:-)


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