Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to the Humdrum

Bicycle on the Canal - Annecy, France

It is nice to be home. Spending time with Mal, getting the laundry done, grocery shopping, trying to get over jet lag. Sorting mail, paying bills, putting stuff away. Sounds so glamorous... not. But really, its been nice to have some down time before heading back to work on Wednesday. Time to get things in order, get back into a routine. Europe was lovely, and my most epic adventure to date! (more pictures and such to come) but it sure is nice to have a cup of coffee in my pjs in the morning while hanging out with my cat. I missed that among other things like "regular" toilets, drinking tap water, sleeping in my own bed. Ahhh... it is good to be home.


  1. LOVE that photo. I would love a copy! That green with the orange-yellow wall, garden and bike in front...yummy! So glad you are home. Coffee and PJ's also yummy.

  2. I agree!! I've been pretty relaxed and "lazy" recently!



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