Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Oh Paris

So, more pictures as promised! I just finished up a long work stretch and finally had a chance to sit down and start sorting through the 1000+ pictures from our trip. Here are a few of my favorites. 
Outside our Bed & Breakfast
Ornate scroll work on the door at the Notre Dam
Succulents at a Flower Shop
There were locks all over some of the bridges

Latin Quarter

Inside the Louvre
Ancient Stone Tablets
Stone Tablet with Hieroglyphics
The Mona Lisa - it's not a small as people would have you think

Streets of Paris
Blue Doors. Love all the wrought iron balconies.
Cheers to Paris at the top of the Eiffle Tower
View of the City

From the top!

Sun setting over Paris

And from the bottom.
What a wonderful city. I would so go back...


  1. Wow! What lovely photos. It is all the little details that make things so lovely. The colors, the little heart lock ("u have the key to my heart") the plants,flowers,architecture. You got it all:). We had a wonderful report of the hunger of the Parisians with many receiving a bible and wanting more contact. Maybe I will have to try to learn French!;)

  2. These are amazing!!! Wow! Great photos! i miss you! coffee date soon?

  3. Wow! These are great photos! You are so ahead of me on organizing photos.


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