Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This last weekend Peter and Hannah came over to visit from Seattle. Joe just got a new BBQ grill so we had people over for dinner on Friday and Saturday. Saturday night we had steaks and scallops (Ryan brought those over). The scallops were really tasty and smell really good!!

Joe also tried out a new pancake recipe on Monday morning before Peter and Hannah left.

On another note... the walkway out back that Jon put in is working really well. No mud pit there... the rest of the yard is another story. I don't think I put a up a picture of it yet so here is the "almost" finished product. We'll extend it out a little further in the spring when the ground is softer.


  1. Hey, I was there too Renae!

    Nice pathway. Jon did a great job!

  2. I sure wish Jim liked to cook! At least he likes to go out to eat! The photos of Joes cooking looks awesome!! I also LOVE "jons path"! That would be a great "lead in" to a small patio by your front door :)! (ever the garden designer!) DjC


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