Friday, January 08, 2010


A few things we've been up to recently - yummy French treats :)

Delicious Korean food :)

Making graham cracker gingerbread houses (just me, not Joe).
This is supposed to be like our new house, kind of, our real house is more structurally sound.

... Well have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Nice pictures! Those french treats look GOOD!

  2. well - I thought your was really cool - especially after I realized it was a model of your Audobon cottage! Was sorry that you were given the dumb - award. Next year won't be giving out that category.
    love mom

  3. Looks like mom got onto my account on accident ;)
    Your picture of the french treats is awesome - it almost looks professional!
    love rachel

  4. I would like to know where the great Korean food is! :) (of course, Joe could probobly out do it!) Your gb house is cute!


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