Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Years Resolutions

So I know its a little late but I think I've settled on some New Years resolutions... finally.
- Study for and take the CCRN test.
- Start running again, and more generally focus on my health.
- Try out some new recipes :)

... and around April or so learn to sleep like a normal person again!


  1. Those are great resolutions! Good luck with all the running!

  2. Normal persons sleep how??? :) That must mean your day shift job is going to start soon! So glad. I hope to see more of you soon! lu, deb

  3. nice work Renae! I want to take the ccrn too! Mountains to sound has a prep class in february that I'm going to (if my schedule works out) It's at highline 2/25-26 I think. can you come?


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